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Accounting House Co., Ltd. Established 1997
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Accounting Services
Accounts Audit Service
Registration & Licensing
Visas & Work Permits
Certification & Translation
Social Security Fund
Compensation Fund Service
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Accounting Services

  • Accounting system set-up

  • Registration submission to be company account as per legal requirement.

  • Arrange an account according to accounting standards.

  • Monthly tax form preparation for the Revenue Department together with submission of tax payments.

  • Preparation of half year and yearly income for submission to the Revenue Department.

  • Make a yearly financial statement of account for auditor.

  • Submit the form of limit to the Revenue Department and Department of Business Development.

  • Contact and coordinate with public services (Governement Offices) such as the Revenue Department and Department of Business Development.

  • Send and receive prepared documents for accounting.



Accounts Audit Service

  • Auditing and certification of financial statement documents by licensed auditor.

  • Advice and recommendations to improve your accounting systems.

  • Recommendations on how to make your accountanting and tax comply with expected standards.



Registration & Licensing

  • Company formation - individuals or partnerships.

  • Change original registration of a company to limited partnership or groups.

  • I.D. Card for tax payment.
  • Value added tax (V.A.T).

  • Specific business tax.

  • Compensation funds and social security.

  • Cancellation of a business and accounting payment.

  • Business set up such as tours, massage, spa etc.



Visas & Work Permits

  • Visa application and extension.

  • Work Permit application and extension.

  • Registration for a 90 day stay when applicable.

  • Re-entry procedure.



Document Certification & Translation

  • Certification of letters, certified copies and important documents for the Ministry of Commerce.

  • Language translation from Thai to English and English to Thai.

  • Certified translations of documents issued by government agencies.



Social Security & Compensation Fund

  • Registration of compensation fund.

  • Registration of social security.

  • Monthly social security contributions prepared.

  • Submission of social insurance / compensation fund.



Government Office Liaison

  • Representation on your behalf to clarify any questions at the various government agencies such as the Department of Revenue and Social Security Office.

  • Contact government representatives to gain details on your behalf so you can achieve your desired objectives.



Accounting Software


Official Links
The Revenue Department
The Customs Department
Department of Business Development
The Department of Intellectual Property
Ministry of Commerce
Social Security Office
Bank of Thailand
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